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Dr Oliver Ph. Kreyden is an internationally recognized expert in the vast field of aesthetic dermatology. Through his networking and presence at many aesthetic congresses, he is up to date. Aesthetics is very important in the Kreyden practice clinic near Basel. Here you will be advised individually according to your specific needs. We promise you that…

How is aesthetic dermatology applied?

In aesthetic dermatology we speak of skin preservation on the one hand and skin reconstruction (skin rejuvenation) on the other.

Skin preservation can be achieved by means of superficial irritation with laser and peeling, so that the skin becomes beautiful and young again. Wrinkle treatment with Botox also belongs to the preservation of the skin appearance.

In skin reconstruction, combination therapies make the skin firmer and more harmonious again. Filler, peeling and laser are used here.

The art of achieving an aesthetically harmonious result lies in the correct application of the individual treatment methods and their combination options.

Pigment spots, coupe rose, scars and skin changes also belong to our field of aesthetic dermatology.

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