Pigment spots

Superficial pigment spots on the face and on the backs of the hands can significantly impair the overall aesthetic appearance. The Kreyden practice clinic offers various treatment methods for removal.

How we remove pigment spots

Using modern IPL technology , pigment spots can be treated quickly and painlessly. Directly after the procedure, there is a superficial scab that comes off after a few days. Elegant and simple. This type of treatment is also very suitable for the backs of the hands.

During the superficial and medium-deep peeling , the affected skin areas are peeled. This method has a somewhat more intensive effect and is associated with larger and longer-lasting crust formation. The result, on the other hand, is correspondingly more profound. A specialty of the practice clinic Kreyden.

As a peeling specialist, Dr. Kreyden developed his own combination therapy, the so-called photo-peel . In one session, the pigmentation is first treated with a laser (IPL) and then with a superficial peeling. The advantage of this method consists of the synergies of two superficial non-stressful treatment methods. Let us advise you.

Treatment methods for successful pigment spot removal

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