Scar treatment

Unsigthly or excessive scars after a surgical procedure, acne scars or stretch marks can be aesthetically disturbing. The practice clinic Kreyden near Basel offers you as a clinic specialized in dermatosurgery resp. aesthetic dermatology various correction options depending on the problem. However, the most effective method of avoiding unsightly scars is correct and gentle surgery. The practice clinic Kreyden is the leading practice clinic in Basel for dermatosurgical procedures and has 2 operating rooms.

How we treat scars

Hypertrophic scars after surgery are usually treated conservatively, ie with an orthopedically adapted pressure bandage (pad) or with repetitive cortisone injections directly into the scar. Let us advise you.

Acne scars or Stretch marks belong in the field of aesthetically removing treatment methods, in the narrower sense CO2 laser or medium-deep to deep peeling.

In addition to ablative laser technology, Dr Kreyden specializes in medium to deep peels. We solve your problem.

Treatment methods for effective scar treatment

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