Skin changes

“-om” is the suffix of a skin lump. There are benign and malignant “-omas” (fibroma, basalioma, melanoma, etc.). The exact diagnosis is important so that the right therapy can be initiated.

How we treat skin changes

Benign, protruding, nodular skin changes on the face can be removed efficiently and practically without scars using a CO2 laser . A comprehensive medical diagnosis by the Kreyden Clinic is important before any treatment, to ensure that only benign lesions are treated with this method. The treatments are carried out on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia. Directly after the procedure, a non-bloody scab forms, which dissolves after a few days. Short and painless.

Malignant ” -omas ” confirmed by a skin sample must be removed by dermatosurgery and must not be subjected to CO2 removal.

Treatment methods for skin changes

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