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The art of achieving an aesthetically harmonious result lies in the proper application of the individual treatment methods, and their combined possibilities. In the Praxis Methininserhof, you’re consulted individually, and uniquely to your specific needs. That’s a promise. Professionalism is our forte – ask us.

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Expression lines give your face its unique charisma and charm. With age, or with increased use of the facial muscles, these lines can deepen, and thus disrupt the harmony of the overall impression. Before treating lines and wrinkles, it’s important to distinguish between expression lines and «static» lines due to the loss of volume.  The former can be treated with Botulinum toxin injections, the latter with fillers. Kreyden Aesthetics offers restrained therapeutic measures for both, and brings your face back in balance.

Botulinum toxin (also known as «Botox») is a drug and medicine that moderately reduces muscle activity. Wrinkles and facial lines are smoothed out and the facial features appear more relaxed. Dr. med Oliver Ph. Kreyden is one of the pioneers in the use of Botulinum toxin for various indications and is a member of various specialist groups focused on further developing the applications for Botulinum toxin. As the president of the «Schweizerische Gesellschaft für ästhetische Dermatologie» (SGEDS), he routinely trains specialists. Aesthetic dermatalogy defines two different types of wrinkles: Expression lines (mimic lines) are formed by the contraction of underlying muscles, and can begin to occur quite early. Static lines are deeper and generally develop later in life. Both types of lines can be treated at Kreyden Aesthetics, expression lines with Botulinum toxin, static lines with fillers.


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Wrinkles are generally the result of a loss of volume in the fatty tissue, and can be raised by injecting a gel-like substance (Hyaluronic acid). At Kreyden Aesthetics, we first analyse the face as a whole. Aesthetic unities are respected, and we don’t only treat individual «trouble spots». For at Kreyden Aesthetics, all treatments offered are meant to re-establish the natural balance of the face, which helps avoid unnatural overcorrections.


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Redness, pigmentation and fine surface lines that have developed because of environmental stress or advancing age can be effectively treated with three efficient methods. The aim of rejuvenation is a general improvement of the skin’s structure. Depending on the method chosen, such as chemical peel or IPL, a superficial stimulation of the skin can be achieved.

In the first two IPL sessions, differences in pigmentation are improved upon, or rather, equalised. In a second and third cycle, a visible firming of the facial skin is accomplished.

A medium-depth skin peel removes and renews the topmost layers of the skin, making the skin look fresher and tighter, pigmentation fades and redness settles.

Mesotherapy (injecting liquid Hyaluronic acid into subcutaneous fat) acts like a moisturising mask underneath the surface of the skin, with results that last for months. With these methods, the skin of the face appears more refined, clearer and fresher. With rejuvenation, it’s less about changing the face and more about improving the quality of the skin’s structure.


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Permanent hair removal

Body hair is natural. And yet, it can be undesirable on certain parts of the body, for aesthetic or hygienic reasons. Permanent hair removal with modern lasers is safe, virtually painless and low-risk. At Kreyden Aesthetics, you’re being cared for by excellently trained specialists using the latest laser technology.

Furthermore, in the very unlikely case of an adverse reaction, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re in the hands of a specialised doctor at Kreyden Dermatology.

Forget inconvenient shaving and enjoy smooth, hair-free skin without irritation. Choose the safe way.

For optimal results, it’s important to know that usually, several sessions are needed, spaced roughly four to six weeks apart. Kreyden Aesthetics uses only modern, high-quality IPL devices (Intense Pulsed Light), so that a gentle, yet efficient treatment course can be guaranteed.


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Benign, protruding, knot-like skin alterations in the face can be removed efficiently and practically without scarring by C02 laser. Before treatment, it’s crucial that a complete medical diagnosis has been made by Kreyden Dermatology to ensure that only benign, non-cancerous lesions are treated with this method.

These ambulant treatments are done under local anaesthetic. Immediately after the procedure, a non-bloody scab will develop, which will fall off after a few days. Quick and painless.


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Surface pigmentation in the face and on the backs of the hands is often associated with advanced age. That doesn’t have to be the case. With the help of modern IPL technology, these skin changes can be treated quickly and with very little pain. After the procedure, the treated areas develop scabs, which will fall off after a few days. Elegant and simple.

Another treatment approach is the use of a medium-depth chemical peel, to peel off the affected parts of the skin. This method tends to have a more intense effect, and entails a slightly longer healing process. Accordingly, the result is more profound. A Kreyden Aesthetics specialty.

Individual, but also small groups of pigmentation can often be very effectively treated by IPL therapy. The success rate after 1 to 3 treatments can increase according to the level of contrast. This treatment method is well-suited for the removal of dark spots on the backs of the hands as well.


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Couperose is a medical term for redness, usually on the cheeks and around the nose. It is usually caused by a laminary inflammation of the sebaceous glands (Rosacea). Therefore, it’s important to treat the underlying cause medically with Kreyden Dermatology. Any remaining redness can then be treated with modern IPL technology, if needed.

Depending on the width of the individual blood vessels and where they lie under the skin, several treatments during the course of roughly four weeks can be necessary. To achieve a good long-term result, Kreyden Aesthetics’s skin specialist will first treat the illness that is causing the inflammation.


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Bothersome or raised scarring after surgery, acne scars and stretch marks can be visually displeasing. Kreyden Aesthetics offers various ways to improve their appearance. Besides ablative Fraxel laser technology, we are specialised in medium-depth and deep chemical peels. The most efficient way to avoid unsightly scars is by choosing the appropriate and conservative form of surgery. Kreyden Dermatology has ample experience in derma-surgical operations. We’ll solve your problem.


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