Wrinkle treatment

Aesthetic dermatology knows two types of wrinkles. Facial wrinkles are caused by the contraction of the underlying muscles and can appear at a young age. Static wrinkles are a little deeper and usually only form at a mature age. In the Kreyden practice clinic near Basel, we offer you moderate therapies in both cases and restore the balance in your face.

How we treat wrinkles in our practice

With increasing age or increased activity of the facial muscles, mimic wrinkles can become more pronounced and impair the harmony of the overall expression. Facial wrinkles are treated with botulinum (colloquially known as botox), which moderately reduces muscle activity. Treatment with botulinum smoothes wrinkles and relaxes facial features.

Static wrinkles are usually caused by a general lack of volume in the lower fatty tissue and can be injected with the gel-like substance hyaluronic acid (also known as filler). These two treatments, botulinum and hyaluronic acid, serve to restore the natural balance of the face and, when used correctly, do not lead to unnatural over-corrections.

If static wrinkles occur due to structural changes in the skin itself, chemical peeling is the most suitable form of therapy for treating them. Depending on the strength of the chemical peeling, we achieve different results, from superficial pigment changes to deep skin furrows – a specialty of the Kreyden clinic.

Treatment methods for successful wrinkle treatment

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