There are numerous areas of application for laser treatments in aesthetic dermatology. The Kreyden practice clinic near Basel has various latest-generation laser systems to deal with any change correctly and efficiently. Using IPL technology, unwanted hair (epilation) is removed, facial redness or blood sponges and pigment spots are treated. In addition, this system is suitable for a general refreshment of the face (skin rejuvenation resp. rejuvenation).

The CO2 laser is used to remove protruding benign nodules on the face. Almost scar-free removals can be achieved with this technique. This laser is also suitable for improving unsightly surgical scars and, above all, for treating acne scars.

How is the laser applied?

In the Kreyden practice clinic, all treatments are accompanied and checked by a doctor. In the rare case of an undesirable effect, you can rely on the immediate specialist care of our dermatologists, Dr Kreyden and Dr Folly , count.

Applications of laser therapy

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