Dermatosurgery also has something to do with aesthetics…

Malignant tumors (basalioma, spinalioma, melanoma), but also benign tumors (pigmented birthmark, histiocytoma, atheroma, fibroma, nevus sebaceus, etc.) are removed in dermatological surgery using various techniques.

In the Kreyden practice clinic, every Tuesday is an operation day. We specialize in facial tumor surgery. Due to the surgical defects, plastic-reconstructive skin displacement plastics are usually necessary. Thanks to the many years of surgical training of Dr. medical Kreyden and the specialization in aesthetic dermatology as well as continuous further training in the field of dermatosurgery, this is guaranteed.

We value an aesthetically perfect surgical result.

How is dermatosurgery used?

If necessary, the diagnosis is secured by a previous biopsy before an intervention. Each intervention is planned according to strict criteria and carried out by our experienced team. Follow-up checks are carried out closely according to the procedure.

In addition to tumor surgery, we also offer minor surgical procedures

  • Surgical removal of benign and malignant skin tumors and moles
  • Curetage (scraping) of superficial benign tumors or precancers (precancerous)
  • Electrocautery (tissue destruction by burning) of skin tumors or small superficial vessels (telengiectasia, spider naevi)
  • Cryotherapy (tissue destruction through cold treatment with liquid nitrogen) of precancerous lesions, benign and malignant skin tumors (especially basal cell carcinoma), warts as well as age and pigment spots
  • Dermojet treatment (intracutaneous drug administration) for various skin diseases, e.g. excessive scar tissue (keloid)
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