General dermatology

For the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of various skin diseases, we have a various assessment and therapy modalities at our disposal. After an initial doctor-patient discussion, which generally includes a head-to-toe checkup, we define the further assessment and/or treatment steps with you.



  • Clinical blood tests and bloodwork on various skin diseases (especially with systemic diseases which involve the skin, collagenosis or autoimmune dermatosis)
  • Microscopic and microbiological detection of fungal skin infections
  • Wood lamp examination for various skin diseases
  • Cryotherapy (localised cold treatment with liquid nitrogen) for the treatment of numerous skin afflictions, mostly for treating sun-damaged older skin (dark spots), actinic keratosis (pre-cancerous conditions = pre-stage non-melanoma skin cancer), and also warts
  • Reflected-light microscopy (dermatoscopy) with the possibility to save digital images of pigmented moles (skin cancer prevention), as well as digital recording and image storage of skin diseases for better follow-up care
  • Small biopsies for histological examination of pigmented skin changes, benign or cancerous skin tumors and miscellaneous inflammatory skin diseases
  • Immunofluorescence specification in biopsies, mainly when an autoimmunological illness is suspected
  • Acne testing
  • Skin diseases in children
  • Assessment of hair loss, including blood withdrawal and the possibility of a trichogram (microscopic analysis of the hair follicle)




  • Bandaging and care of ulcera cruris (venous ulcers) until healed, if need be including arranging in-home care by Spitex
  • Dermojet injections (needle-less syringe) of medicine for various skin diseases, particulary for warts
  • Intracutaneous injection of corticosteroids into keloid scars
  • Determination of various sexually transmitted diseases, as well as diseases of the outer genitals
  • Acne treatment according to severity with topically applied, medical-grade creams, systemic antiobiotic treatment, hormone therapy or Isotretinoin (vitamin A preparations)
  • Light therapy (phototherapy) for the treatment of various chronic dermatitis afflictions such as psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus etc.
  • Skin diseases in childhood, such as atopic dermatitis (atopic eczema), Molluscum contagiosum (water warts), viral rashes etc.
  • Hair loss
    – Substitution of deficiencies
    – Topical treatment to promote hair growth
    – Hormone replacement therapy (female patients)
    – Systemic Finasteride therapy (male patients)
  • Phototherapy
  • Allergology


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