Alternate Methods

All methods mentioned are only disease-stopping and must therefore be repeated after a certain time for a lasting result. Thus, there is often a desire for a definitive treatment option.

All alternative treatment methods have their disadvantages. While the so-called thoracoscopic sympathectomy (nerve transection) leads to compensatory sweating, the long-term results of suction curettage are unfortunately insufficient. Most patients begin to sweat again after about a year. Overall, microwave therapy (Miradry) is relatively time-consuming and expensive. In addition, it often requires repeated use. Finally, drug treatment of hyperhidrosis is associated with systemic side effects. In addition, due to the short half-life, the duration of action is relatively short and the medication has to be taken several times a day.

What alternative treatments are there?

  • Surgery
  • Suction curettage
  • Microwaves
  • Oral therapy
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