IMCAS World Congress 2023

An der IMCAS 2023 (International Master Course on Aging Science) referiert Dr. Kreyden in diversen Sessions der ästhetischen Dermatologie.

Homestory – What does it take to succeed?

In an interview forLeading Opinions Dermatology & Plastic Surgery magazine, Dr. Kreyden talks about unusual conditions and difficult patients. Auch über entscheidende Karriereschritte und die Einschätzung zur Zukunft der Dermatologie berichtet er im folgenden Interview.

Summer vacations 2022

The practice clinic Kreyden will be closed from Monday 25th of July to Monday 01st of August. On Tuesday, August 02nd, 2022, we will be back at our usual hours for you…. We wish you a great summer! Your practice clinic Kreyden team

Hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating

What do our genes have to do with finding someone attractive? Read a short overview article to learn more…

The axillary sweat smell

When and how the unpleasant smell of sweat develops…

There are various treatment options for hyperhidrosis

Depending on the location, there are various options for efficient therapy for excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. Dr Kreyden gave a lecture on this at the dermatology training in the Cantonal Hospital of St. Gallen. The 3rd SkinMag issue clearly summarizes the treatment options for the individual forms of hyperhidrosis.

We celebrate!

20 years of practice clinic Kreyden – that has to be celebrated! We would also like to thank you, dear patients, for your trust… We also owe our success to you. As a patient, you will receive a beautiful rose from us for a week as a thank you.

Hematidrosis – when people sweat blood

Read the comment by Dr Kreyden on hematidrosis , an eccrine sweat disease with spontaneous excretion of sweat contaminated by blood cells.

Lecture: Hyperhidrosis – Therapeutic Management

Dermatologist training, on Thursday 03 June, results in 4 SGDV credits


Humans have about three million sweat glands spread all over the body. Of these, only about 5% are active, which illustrates the enormous potential. With a normal tendency to sweat (normal hydrosis) of around 0.5 to 1 ml per minute, sweat production of 1 to 2 liters per day results. Sweating is a vital bodily […]

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