Wie tief injizieren bei horizontalen Stirnfalten?

Lesen Sie den Kommentar von Dr. Kreyden zur Injektionstiefe bei horizontalen Stirnfalten.

Webinar on Photopeel

30.06.2022 – Save the date! Live Webinar of the International Peeling Society on “Photopeel – a fruitful combination of IPL and superficial peeling?” by Dr. Oliver Ph. Kreyden (Switzerland) und “Medium depth peeling” by Dr. Seaver L. Soon (USA).

You can’t see anything, but you can see it!

It is very important to us that a facial treatment with botulinum toxin and fillers does not overcorrect and that the look is not changed. In the current issue of Annabelle you can read the technical article by Dr. Kreyden, which is important to achieve an aesthetic result.

There are various treatment options for hyperhidrosis

Depending on the location, there are various options for efficient therapy for excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. Dr Kreyden gave a lecture on this at the dermatology training in the Cantonal Hospital of St. Gallen. The 3rd SkinMag issue clearly summarizes the treatment options for the individual forms of hyperhidrosis.

17th Tegernsee Conference DERMATOLOGY

At this year’s “update-on-dermatology” conference from October 01st to 03rd 2021 Dr Kreyden to give a lecture on the current topic “The aesthetic treatment of men”. “Mannomann” – The aesthetic treatment for men – a gender-specific therapy concept

We celebrate!

20 years of practice clinic Kreyden – that has to be celebrated! We would also like to thank you, dear patients, for your trust… We also owe our success to you. As a patient, you will receive a beautiful rose from us for a week as a thank you.

Hematidrosis – when people sweat blood

Read the comment by Dr Kreyden on hematidrosis , an eccrine sweat disease with spontaneous excretion of sweat contaminated by blood cells.

Wrinkle treatment and face sculpting

SkinMag 4 has published a report on the “Application of Modern Injection Techniques” training course for dermatologists with Dr Kreyden. Since the demand for minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures in aesthetic dermatology has increased and at the same time to avoid the risk of incorrect treatments, the treatments should be carried out by qualified specialists. […]

Review Full Face Sculpting advanced training

Exciting course on “Full Face Sculpting” with 2 live treatments see photos

“Wir behandeln überdurchschnittlich viele Männer mit Peelings.”

Das Peeling erlebt zu Recht eine Renaissance, denn das Peeling ist neben Botulinum und Hyaluronsäure die 3. Säule in der ästhetischen Dermatologie. Lesen Sie im Interview mit Dr. Kreyden, Präsident der International Peeling Society, worauf man bei der Patientenauswahl, Vorbereitung und Behandlung achten sollten.

Lecture: Hyperhidrosis – Therapeutic Management

Dermatologist training, on Thursday 03 June, results in 4 SGDV credits

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