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Specialist fields

To achieve an aesthetically perfect result, an analysis by a specialist is absolutely indispensable. Depending on the problem, there may be various methods to choose from. Bothersome expression lines can be treated with Botulinum toxin, with loss of volume, Hyaluronic acid fillers (augmentation) are used, and with changes of skin structure, various methods of chemical peels or laser treatments etc. can be chosen. It’s important to avoid overcorrection, which is why a combined treatment therapy is increasingly being recommended.




Before every aesthetic procedure, a personal consultation is a must. During this, a specialised facial analysis is carried out, followed by a comprehensive explanation of the planned treatment. Dr. Oliver Ph. Kreyden has many years of experience, is a teaching doctor, a published author and a sought-after speaker at international conventions.




Aesthetic dermatology offers a number of non-surgical treatment methods. With these minimally invasive procedures, and by combining various methods such as Botulinum toxin, fillers, peels or laser treatments, we can achieve excellent, and most importantly, natural-looking results. We like to call this «a holiday for your face».


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